Malayalam Wing was established in the year 1996 as a linguistic wing of the Indian Social Club Muscat for the Keralites community. Since then we have been functioning in the Sultanate of Oman promoting the rich heritage and culture of Kerala state and our mother country. With a total number of over 400 members on its roll, Malayalam Wing one of the biggest and most active linguistic wings of the Indian Social Club.

Even though we are twenty years old as “Malayalam Wing”, we do have a proven track record of 20+ years serving the community in the Sultanate of Oman in the name of Kerala Cultural Center. It was in the year 1996 when the Government of Oman promulgated a new law regulating the functioning of all foreign social clubs and each foreign country was allowed one club each. Thus, for Indian community, Indian Social Club was approved and considering the large geographic area with many languages spoken, separate linguistic wings were allowed to function under the umbrella of Indian Social Club.

So we can gladly say that we have been functioning in the Sultanate of Oman for over 40 years. Malayalam Wing is the most active and leading sociocultural linguistic wing of the Indian Social Club, Muscat which is an approved organization by the Government of Oman. We are always on the forefront in promoting the rich heritage and culture of India, especially Kerala, in this beautiful and friendly country of Sultanate of Oman by fully following the rules and regulations of the host country. Our organization is managed by an elected body and we have exclusive sub-sections, like Ladies Wing, Children’s Wing, Literary Wing, Cultural Wing, Sports and Entertainment, Music and Drama and Social Welfare. Each of these committees are headed by a Coordinator from the Management Committee. All these sub-sections are active and hold various programs and we remain active throughout the year. So, the Malayalam Wing of Indian Social Club Muscat has become a well-known sociocultural organization in the Sultanate of Oman.

Together with promoting the heritage and culture of our mother India, we also give high priority on social welfare and humanitarian services. We have been on a regular basis rendering financial assistance to the needy people of our state who are entangled in Oman due to various problems they are faced with, may it be long term hospital treatments, disputes with their sponsors, or on any issues. We constantly liaise with the Embassy of India in Muscat to help repatriation of such individuals back to Kerala. We have an active Social Welfare department to tackle such issues. Apart from these, we are a regular donor of blood to the Ministry of Health, Oman Blood Bank and we have been honored by the Ministry of Health with a special award for such humanitarian services we provide to the local community.